Considerations for Top Ten Fire, EMS, and Blog Categories

Usually, a top ten list only takes a couple hours to a couple day s to complete depending on the category.

Below are websites and blogs in their respective categories. If you have one that you think should be on the list but is not please let me know.

Some websites are not included because of their demographic. For instance, State Fire News sites are not included, some websites use a “blog” format but are more like websites and have been included there. Some blogs are that great that they are in a couple of categories.

I have plans in the future to do top ten lists for State Fire and/or EMS websites, Local blogs, training sites and blogs,  and local fire department sites. Feel free to get your link in for consideration today.

If you run a website, blog, or whatever and think you should be on this list or would like to be in consideration please let us know via email (, comment, or contact us link at the top.

The following are in no particular order:

Fire website – Top ten all around Fire websites

Firefighter Blogs

EMS Websites

EMS Blogs