Fourth of July Fireworks Explosions

In honor of our Independence, I give you some of the largest fireworks disasters, fireworks factory fires, and other fireworks explosions. Your Happy Medic wrote a post about how he really likes fireworks left to the professionals, and I guess I should think the same. However, I must admit that during my childhood we had a lot of fun with them. Having lived in various States growing up, we have been around various levels of legal fireworks. Just remember that fireworks are explosives and can injure, maim, or even kill.

Unfortunately, I will be working on the 4th of July and even worse I will not be able to have the family to the station to watch fireworks. Instead, I will be in a closed area near our City’s fireworks show making sure that nothing goes awry. Needless to say, if any of these disasters occur as in the videos below then I will be found with my head between my legs kissing my ass goodbye…charred…burnt…and dead.

Videos below…be safe