So you want to be a Firefighter? Can we please have your Facebook password first?

The City of Bozeman, Montana apparently really wanted to get their name on the map. The City is demanding that new applicants for city jobs like firefighters, and police officers hand over their login AND passwords for sites like facebook and myspace.

I am not making this stuff up…read the entire article here.

I must say that the unfortunate thing is that I know of guys who would hand the information over. You know those guys who would give up their first born for the job but probably have no business doing it.

Trust me on this one…if the City where you want to work wants to play Big Brother with your ass then they aren’t worth working for. Period. It will only get worse! Plus you deserve to have a little self worth and not sell out like that.

I use facebook, I originally had a myspace account. I utilize it for my personal life as well as my professional life. I ensure that anything I post I wouldn’t mind my wife, mother, or boss seeing. However, I am not giving out anything…and if you ask me about something I have said in the past I am going to deny, deny, deny!