Making the most of blogging

How’s about another Shrimp on the Barbie?

In a couple of months, two bloggers will be working together at each others jobs. One is a Firefighter and Paramedic on an Engine company  in San Fransisco (The Happy Medic) and the other is a Paramedic for the North East Ambulance Service (Medic999). You might ask Northeast what? Well I assure you it is not Northeast San Fransisco. It is actually in England somewhere…I am guessing in the Northeast but I wasn’t able to pinpoint the location.

After almost a year of hounding each other with questions, they have come up with this ingenious idea that brings blogging to a new level. I have been blogging a while with other sites but never talked anyone into doing a tv show about me.

Exactly how far away are these two bloggers? Something like 5400 miles…so far that google maps cannot give you driving or walking directions.

These two bloggers have somehow curtailed the BBC into doing a television show on their journey. Medic999 will travel with BBC crews to San Fran and ride with The Happy Medic, then once Medic999 gets sick of riding the medic truck like all of the other Medics in our Country he will take The Happy Medic back to England to ride the ambulance there. Medic999 is apparently interested in how The Happy Medic can multitask on the Engine as a Firefighter and Paramedic as well.

Apparently The Happy Medic doesn’t know how good he has it being a FF/PM on the engine (“fire lorry” for those across the pond) that he really wants to see what socialized health care looks like it prior to President Obama making it reality here in the States.

Ok, so I added a little sarcasm in there for effect.

I am actually looking forward to watching this on the television (for you guys across the pond that is tele). There is even a chance of a continued series if the first one is a hit.

Read about the “project” on The Happy Medic here and Medic999 here.

Now if I can just figure out how to translate this into english for my friends across the pond…