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FDIC Wrap-Up IV – The 2014 Firefighter Turnout

The Renegade Pipes and Drums

On Friday night at FDIC, we threw a party. Last year, Captain Wines and I threw a small party and we had about 150 people in attendance. This year, there were 850 people there. However, it wasn't only our party. We teamed up with the crew from Firefighters Worldwide,, and all of the other bloggers on the 1st Arriving Network.

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FDIC Wrap-Up III – Friday With Black Diamond Boots

The Greenfield (IL) FD Cadets at the BD booth

On Friday, Captain Wines and I spent the second day in the Black Diamond booth. Our relationship with Black Diamond goes back 4-5 years. BD was one of the first companies who came out to support through advertising. They were there for the Blog of the Year contests, and many other give-aways along the way.

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What’s Up With The Kilts?


Several years ago, we were traveling to an event, I am not sure which one, and we were talking about all of the Pipes and Drums members in kilts. We said to ourselves "We have got to get a kilt". We did...and we wore them.

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