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The Need for Understanding


On top of our occupational exposure to stressors which can lead to mental illness, we have the same issues everyone else has which can lead to mental illnesses. This puts us at an even greater risk.

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Aim to Leave a Mark!


Focusing on past failures is regret. Learning from those failures is knowledge. Not making the same mistakes twice is experience. Helping others so they won't make the same mistakes is leadership.

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A Look Back at FDIC 2016


FDIC was held a couple of weeks ago. Now that life is back to normal, I'd like to share about the trip to FDIC this year. I had a great time, with great friends. Each year the event gets better and better. I look forward to seeing you next year.

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Getting Ready for FDIC? “INDY on Fire” Will Be the Place to Be!


We are getting geared up for FDIC in less than 1 month. Over 30 thousand firefighters converge in Indianapolis each year for the largest annual firefighter conference in the U.S. I have been going for the past 6 years or so and enjoy hanging out with so many other great firefighters who are there to learn, share, and see what the latest technology is in the fire service.

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The Best of The Fire Critic 2015

These are just 2 of the great couples we have met through FirefighterWife.com and have forged friendships with. There are many others though!

The travel was great! I had a blast everywhere I went. I meet the best the fire service has to offer across the US and I am humbled by so many who treat me like family. I would love to list all of you, but it simply wouldn't be possible to remember EVERYONE who was a part of this community this year whether in person or remote. Thanks for the friendships!

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