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The Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Firefighters List for 2012

Here are the Top Ten Christmas Gifts for 2012. This is a blog feature I have been doing for the past several years. The list has changed a little bit because of all the great products/companies that I want to share. Therefore, I have put some similar products into categories of gifts. This gives more ideas for everyone to look at.

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Thanksgiving, Black Sunday, and Sending off a Hero


I also got to do a ton more traveling this year. Willie Wines Jr. and I are thankful for all of the doors opened to us. The people we got to meet and hang out with in NYC, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Wyoming (city), Loveland, Mason, Johns Creek, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Emmitsburg, Prince George's County, and elsewhere along the way. You guys have been great. Thank you for all you have done to make our trips worth it.

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Top Ten Best Christmas Gifts For Firefighters List For 2010


Last year, I offered my top ten Christmas Gifts for Firefighters (last years list is here). The article has remained very popular even this year. Just in Time for Black Friday! This year, I am redoing the list for 2010. There are many new gifts out there and I want to make sure that the firefighters are getting what they deserve...The Best Christmas Gifts for Firefighters! This top ten list could be easily used year round. Be it birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever these gifts are bound to make you popular with the firefighter you gift them to. I challenge you to come up with a better list!

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Life at #3 Fire Prevention, Our Custom Kitchen Table, Working on Thanksgiving, Getting Ready for Christmas, and Life Around the Station


I will be working tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day). We will hopefully watch the parades and enjoy kicking back a little bit. We get to take it easy on Holidays. I will again be riding the seat as my Captain will have the day off on vacation. If everything goes well, we will be getting a Thanksgiving meal dropped off. If everything goes bad, we will have a contingency plan. I will let you know what plan B is when I figure it out!

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Thanksgiving Day Fire Videos

Here are some videos of fires which occurred on Thanksgiving Day. I will probably add more videos throughout the day Friday as they are uploaded to youtube. Feel free to submit a link or send in your photos/info.

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Fire and EMS Thanksgiving Contest


All you have to do is share your favorite recipe for Thanksgiving. It could be a special turkey recipe, secret stuffing recipe, grandmas corn pudding, or grandpa's after dinner drink. Share the recipe in hopes that it helps the crews who work this Christmas make an unforgettable meal.

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