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Firefighting on TV…Who will be next?

Rescue Me was a hit. Many firefighters enjoyed it. I thought it showed how dysfunctional firefighters can be...not all of us, but some of us. It started out being pretty heavy on the firefighting and light on the drama...it ended up being very heavy on the drama and light on the firefighting. Trauma was just way over the top...and too many ambo drivers! The question now is what will be the next network show or movie about firefighting... Here are some of the options...

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3 Banger in VA, Pension Attacks, Albuquerque Helmet Stickers, Austin Applicant Issues, and More

3 banger in Alexandria, helmet sticker controversy in Albuquerque, application woes in Austin, fire service product reviews, the Firemom weighs in on Ohio Senate Bill 5, Hosed humor on volunteer firefighters, bonus fire footage from Westerly, Rhode Island,firefighter fired after stealing, and Ed Schultz and Harold Schaitberger weigh in on firefighter pension attacks....check it out!

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Hosed…This Satirical Show on Volunteer Firefighters is Hilarious!

The interesting thing is the comments both on Statter911 and youtube. While most firefighters have enjoyed the parody, some have been throwing around the career (and/or IAFF) vs. volunteer firefighter argument. As for me, I think it is hilarious and some or most of it is probably true in some parts of the Nation. Even if the truth behind the humor only represents a small percentage of volunteers out there...and yes, paid firefighters can act like idiots too (but this show isn't about them).

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