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Kilted to Kick Cancer


Have you heard of Kilted to Kick Cancer yet? Don't worry if you haven't, it is fairly new to me as well. That is why I am writing about it. To spread the word. Kilted to Kick Cancer is about awareness of prostate cancer. All you have to do is wear your kilt during the month of September. Kilted to Kick Cancer is not looking for your money. If you have money to give, they do have several places you might want to donate to on their site KiltedToKickCancer.org

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Fire, EMS, and Police Bloggers are Becoming Spokespersons for Products and Services


Sure, having busty tall blonde booth babes works very well too. But that typically just gets guys to stop and stare for a little while. Having a personality that many people know prior to the show in your booth can be an even bigger draw. Plus, what do those booth babes know about your product? You probably gave them a 5 minute crash course on your product and expect them to be experts. Once they leave the show they aren't going to write about the fun they had, the people they met, publish pictures from your booth, or any of that.

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Firefighting on TV…Who will be next?


Rescue Me was a hit. Many firefighters enjoyed it. I thought it showed how dysfunctional firefighters can be...not all of us, but some of us. It started out being pretty heavy on the firefighting and light on the drama...it ended up being very heavy on the drama and light on the firefighting. Trauma was just way over the top...and too many ambo drivers! The question now is what will be the next network show or movie about firefighting... Here are some of the options...

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A Friend in Need…A Message from Just My Blog


I don't know any details, but I believe the youngest of the Schorr family is in the ICU. To the point that Justin might not be able to make it to Baltimore for EMS Today next week. Don't worry Justin, I can sit in for you if you need. I may not know what I am talking about when it comes to Paramedicine but I can come across like I do...unless the person I am talking to does have a clue....then I get wierd looks...but I can identify tombstones on a monitor....and intubate if needed...oh and IV's are no problem either!

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Gearing up for FDIC…The Fire Critic Offers Social Media Training


I will be teaching a class on Social Media for the Fire Service at FDIC this year. The class is titled "Social Media: The Fire Service's Next Big Innovation" Who should attend? Anyone interested in social media, blogging, and branding their department online. Administrators who want to learn about social media, get examples of social media policies, as well as firefighters who want to brand their companies and departments. There will be information for all levels!

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Statter on The Fire Critic “You are Right, You are Wrong”. Make up your mind! Plus Firefighter Netcast and Audio from South Fulton

Dave mentions that I am right about everything...but then says I am wrong. Make up your mind Dave. You know I am right, everyone knows I am right. I am not putting the spin on it that everyone else is. Hell Dave, I keep reading this post of yours (here) and I am beginning to think you might have multiple personalities. You keep saying I am right, then saying I am wrong. You say you agree with me, then saying you disagree with me. Make up your mind Dave. You love pointing I am wrong by saying I am right! It is hard to follow.

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