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FDIC Recap Part II – The People You Surround Yourself With

I got to meet with several companies both during FDIC and since. Several of which I hope to be doing product reviews for very soon! If you are looking for having a product review for your product, check out more information here. I spoke with Major Mack of The Bowring today on the phone. They are sending me their product to review shortly. There's was one of the busier boothes at FDIC. I think the product looks like a potential tool that years from now will be a staple in "What's in Your Pockets" discussions!

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Making Progress…Setting Goals

More recently, this realization of being published in a trade magazine has morphed into wanting to have a published article in Fire Engineering magazine. After all, it is one of the few trade magazines I subscribe to. It is the cream of the crop if you ask me. To see my name attached to a print worthy article would be a huge accomplishment for me. Not in a "look at me I am the man" kinda way, merely a personal accomplishment.

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