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Beer Gifting Citizen Apologizes to DC Firefighters Who Still Await Discipline

Dave Statter had the story last week about a Washington DC firehouse that was shut down by Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe after a case of beer was found in the fridge. The firefighters were tested for alchohol and all came up negative. However, the firefighters still face discipline for having the beer. Now, Clem Cypra has come forward as the gift-giver. Cypra brought it to them after they put a fire in his house.

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FEMS…It is that Damn Funny!

Am I the only one who relates the term FEMS to Feminine and Femanist. Is it an all female department? The FEMS? I am pretty sure there are plenty of great firemen up there. Maybe the men feel left out. Maybe we are only days away from a lawsuit stating the men feel left out and feel as though the name should be MASFEMS or FEMSMAS (is that an all female holiday?)

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