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Blogfest 26 – The End

I had a blast today on the first ever blogfest here at the Fire Critic headquarters. I started this morning at 8:22am and have finished now at 8:27pm. Twelve hours and 26 posts. Certainly a record for me! Some of ...

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Blogfest 22…What is it?

If you are just joining the Fire Critic today. I am in the middle of an all day Blogfest. We are on Blog post 22 now. I have been posting stuff about every half hour. This has been due to ...

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Blogfest 18 – Google Yourself

Alright all of you guys/gals that are soooo into yourselves like myself. To be honest I am pretty modest…probably more of a weakness actually. Go ahead and take a minute to google yourself. I will google “Fire Critic” and “FireCritic”. ...

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