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3 Banger in VA, Pension Attacks, Albuquerque Helmet Stickers, Austin Applicant Issues, and More

3 banger in Alexandria, helmet sticker controversy in Albuquerque, application woes in Austin, fire service product reviews, the Firemom weighs in on Ohio Senate Bill 5, Hosed humor on volunteer firefighters, bonus fire footage from Westerly, Rhode Island,firefighter fired after stealing, and Ed Schultz and Harold Schaitberger weigh in on firefighter pension attacks....check it out!

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Firefighter Applicants Disqualified After Inability to Follow Directions

While there is probably little the applicants can do in this situation, if indeed they were not notified until showing up or already on their way the fault lays in the lap of the Fire Department. This is something that should have been addressed way before tickets were bought or travel arrangements were made. If they were told they were welcome to take the test, the door should not have been shut in their face.

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