If you don’t know about the Fire Critic’s Monday Morning Shoutout…you should. You can view all of the previous MMSO’s here.

The Fire Critic is a blog run by Rhett Fleitz. I enjoy showcasing a different blog each Monday in the Monday Morning Shoutout. What this usually consists of is looking for a blog and writing about it. Don’t worry, I don’t bash blogs I don’t like. It is actually free advertising!

Blogs and web sites are welcome…just try us!

I am changing it up a bit if you are interested. In an effort to shed more light on your blog I have just a few questions for you to answer if you would like.

You can download this form here: Fire Critic MMSO Submission Form

However, it should be noted that your submission of this does not guarantee that your blog will be used.

Depending on the response, I might create a new column just for the bloggers who turn in this form filled out.

All you have to do is email this form completed to There is no need for you to be sent this form by me. Whether you got if off the blog, another website, I emailed it to you, someone else emailed it to you, or whatever else…turn it in. You could also copy and paste it into our contact form here.

Most importantly, if you do not want your identity shared I will not do so. You do not have to offer your identity just as long as your response comes from your email you use on your blog. Your secret is safe with me.

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