2nd annual Black Diamond Boots Fire & EMS Blog of the Year Contest 2010-2011

2010-2011 Judges

These judges will rank the nominated blogs. The rankings will be compiled and the top 7 blogs in each category will become the finalists.

Grant Mishoe

Grant Mishoe (SConFire.com) is a 26 year veteran of the fire service.

His website SConFire.com recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary having started in January of 2000. His main focus on the job was the importance of RIT and Extrication procedures with the use of Heavy Rescues. He is also an avid fire historian. His other project FireHistory.org will be the largest online site for fire service history when it is completed.

Mark Glencorse

Mark Glencorse (Medic999) is a Paramedic Team Leader and the author of the blog 999medic.com. Mark gives a very personal look at the life of a paramedic in the UK, and openly shares his experiences, thoughts and feelings when looking after his patients. Along with Justin Schoor (aka, The Happy Medic) and Ted Setla (filmaker/paramedic) he co-founded the Chronicles of EMS and became an active part of a Trans Atlantic collaboration looking to further paramedicine into the profession it needs to be.
After blogging for less than one year, he became the first winner of the Fire & EMS Blog of the Year in 2009.

bioAndrew Catron

Andrew Catron is a career firefighter for the city of Kingsport in Kingsport, Tennessee. He entered into the fire service in 2005, and has been fulltime with KFD for two years. He is a member of the Town of Chilhowie Fire Department as well and maintains their website – www.chilhowiefire.org. Once he realized he enjoyed managing a web site he decided to start one of his own. Recently he began a web site for Tennessee Fire News. The web site is growing and he realizes nothing is built overnight. Check out TNFireNews.com –  www.TNFireNews.com.

April Saling

April Saling is a Paramedic in NW Ohio.  She is Mom to a five-year-old girl who chases firetrucks and a ten-year-old boy who will someday run Microsoft.  In her spare time she enjoys writing, photography and road trips.  She is the author of the EMS blog, Pink Warm and Dry.