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Do You Use Facebook? Do You Tweet? Why?

His view is that he can get more bang for his buck using Twitter than Facebook. He goes on to say (in my words) that he would rather the quick rich exchange of information as forced by Twitter than the random, sometimes useless, and less content rich updates on Facebook.

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Wanna Hear Dave Statter and I Talk? Sign up now! Newark, Ohio Here We Come!


In May, you will get the first chance to see Dave Statter and I speak under the same roof. Imagine the roof on that building that it can fit our egos in one building. Dave and I have teamed up to present on communications in the digital age. Dave will offer a boring talk on the fun stuff, I will offer a fun talk on the boring stuff. Dave thinks Willie and I are going to pick him up on the way...we are actually going to see if he is able to thumb his way to Ohio!

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South Bend Firefighter Demoted for Taking Cell Phone Video


The report does not state whether or not the "impromptu video" took away from a task the firefighter was completing. When I teach/present on social media, I always remind the guys/gals that they are firefighters, not reporters. They should leave the reporting up to others. I am also a huge proponent of taking pictures of your crew when the job is done.

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Social Media Discipline During Firefighter Injury or LODD


If you are senior level in your department you have a duty to disclose certain information in a timely manner once the information is prepared and the party(s) involved are ready for the information to be shared.If you are a member of a department when serious injury or death occurs within your department... Respect your brother and sister firefighters by keeping your information to yourself and allow your administration to do their jobs.

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