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Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Firefighters (2015 Edition)

Each year, I set out to create a list of firefighting gifts for firefighters. Consider this a decent start to shopping for that special firefighter in your life. If you are a firefighter, you might just share this with your friends and family. The list varies from year to year, and yes there are plenty of other great gifts out there. Take the time to check it out and share it with your friends! Enjoy

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Channellock Model 86 Rescue Tool: Product Review

For me, the reason for carrying a set of Channellock rescue tools is two-fold. I always have some cutters on me in a time of need (whatever that might be (including a spanner wrench). The other main reason is we run a lot of car wrecks. One of my roles at wrecks is to assess the vehicles involved and disconnect the battery if need be. My cutters come in handy if I cannot reach the terminals to loosen them, I simply cut the wire to get the job done quickly.

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