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It Changes Us

This print is by Paul Combs. Check out all of his work here: Combs does a great job of fitting a 1000 word article in one single image.

It is what we see, hear, smell, feel, and touch on calls that shape our thoughts and feelings. Those same thoughts and feelings that may have not changed in years. After horrific calls, we are left with these experiences, changing feelings, and new thoughts towards life, death and everything in between.

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Three Separate Apparatus Wrecks Today in NC & TN. Many Firefighters Injured.

orange county wreck

Read on and learn from these wrecks. Many Firefighters were injured, one seriously. Amazingly, none were killed. If we continue to drive within reason, continue to focus on apparatus design to keep us safe, and wear our seatbelts we might be able to meet the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation goal of reducing LODD's (#reduceLODDS). Read more about that here: Check out the video below as well.

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Can I Still Get Salty?

This was my crew after a fire in one of our coal facilities. From left to right: FF Rob Engelhardt, Lt. Joe Sheets, FF George Wright, and myself FF Erik Jacobson. United States Steel. Gary, Indiana. Sent in by Erik Jacobson

For all of you topical leaders...I have a few questions. Can I still get Salty on fires? Can we still have pride in making a good push on a fire? Can we still risk A Lot to Save A LOT? Can we still be firefighters? Make sure the delivery of your message offers the chance for firefighters to buy in and not to simply be put off by your "All or Nothing" attitude.

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Watch: Firefighter Down CPR 10-Step Training Video

fd cpr

When the unthinkable happens, and a firefighter collapses on an emergency scene, we need to be prepared to provide the highest level of care possible. We know that good neurological outcomes can be had in out of hospital cardiac arrest provided high quality chest compressions are initiated early. Unfortunately, the resuscitation of a downed firefighter presents a special concern: they're in full turn out gear with an SCBA!

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