Firefighter Safety & Health

The Higher Standard?

higher standards

We are told to wear PPE when fighting fire, but we have proof that we don't always We are told to eat healthy, but we have proof that we don't always We are told to risk a little to save a little, but we have proof that we risk a lot to save a little sometimes

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The Unseen Voice

Life Force Air Medical - Erlanger Healthcare System. Chattanooga, TN. photo by Josh VanDusen

The typical stereotype for dispatchers (also known as Communications Officers) is that they move on and are not supposed to grieve, they are mostly unseen, unheard and their feelings and emotions are not considered. Who will check on them from the outside?

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Andrew Catron and Willie Wines Jr. in Viking gear at FDIC 2014

Firefighters are potentially exposed to a wide range of dangerous particles through their work – some of which are carcinogens. As we see it, that’s a cause for concern – and it’s also something that European-based protective clothing manufacturer VIKING Life-saving Equipment is working on, too.

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