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Gourmet Chicken Salad Recipe…Fire Critic Style!


You guys have asked for it. I think I have dangled it in front of your faces long enough. It is time that I set you out on your journey to see if you can make the Fire Critic Gourmet Chicken Salad (Willie, the T is silent in Gourmet). Feel free to offer your ideas to make it better.

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Cooking Chicken Enchiladas with the Fire Critic

One of my guys has been telling me for a long time that I should start writing about some of the food I cook at the firehouse. I agree with him and am finally getting around to it. I cook most of the time at our firehouse. The guys seem to like my food, or they are too lazy to cook good food and deal with it. I haven't always cooked. I don't like whining about eating what I consider "good" food. I have been at firehouses where I didn't cook because the crew liked "meat and potatoes". They ate some red meat, mashed potatoes, and green beans at every dinner. No herbs, no spices, no flavor...puke.

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