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The Higher Standard?

higher standards

We are told to wear PPE when fighting fire, but we have proof that we don't always We are told to eat healthy, but we have proof that we don't always We are told to risk a little to save a little, but we have proof that we risk a lot to save a little sometimes

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Top Firefighting Books – 54 Must Read Books for Firefighters

books 3

I have compiled a list of "Must Read" books as told to me by my readers. I asked what the best fire service books were and got over 50 books mentioned in over 80 comments over at The Fire Critic Facebook Page. Sure, there may be some that were left out, but I think this is a pretty decent list! I have not read many of these...I didn't even know about many of them before today. I have included links to Amazon, so you can get more information and/or purchase them at decent prices. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments if they don't appear here. There are 54 books listed below. Many of the authors have more books on and off this list.

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Video: Fatal House Fire in Cheektowaga, NY House Fire

cleveland hill fatal house fire

The fire, reported at 4:22 a.m., is believed to have started on the first floor of the 1½-story Cape home at 27 Furlong Road, a block-long street near Kensington Avenue and Century Road. Authorities expect that dental records will be able to confirm the identities of a couple who died Tuesday in a predawn house fire in Cheektowaga’s Cleveland Hill neighborhood. An autopsy is scheduled today.

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