You Won’t Believe What This Retired Fire Captain Is Doing For The Son of Another Firefighter

Morgan Nolen is the 8 year old son of Greensboro firefighter Spencer Nolen. I have been following Morgan’s battle with cancer for some time now. This is an update on Morgan, and a story about some other things going on to support Morgan in his fight. The upcoming fundraiser can be found here.

Morgan Nolen is leaving and on his way to Duke to begin a month long Stem Cell transplant procedure. He will be in patient the whole time. Please pray for this brave and intrepid boy. He has done very well with his treatment so far because of yalls prayers. Thanks for all yall have done for this boy. The Nolen family also would like to say we realize so many in our community have suffered hard times,tragedy,loss and yall have been constantly in our prayers as well. God bless everyone who has helped this little boy!  – Spencer Nolen August 17, 2015 via FB.



Recently retired Greensboro Fire Captain Tim Gibbs decided to walk 50 miles in full turnout gear to support Morgan. Gibbs began walking yesterday in Greensboro and will  finish in Durham at Duke Hospital on Saturday. Others have joined him on the journey.


Gibbs, began the trek at firehouse #7 in Greensboro. Gibbs spent 30 years in the Greensboro Fire Department and is walking to raise awareness for a fundraiser event in October.


Gibbs and others are walking 15 miles per day to reach their goal and finish line. The event is being sponsored by IAFF Local 947 and Ignite the Spirit.



The fundraiser can be found here




Recently, there was a dodgeball tournament held to support Morgan and his family

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This young man, Morgan Nolen, is the son of a Brother Firefighter. He is in the 2nd grade and has been diagnosed with a…

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