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Sheriff’s Deputy’s Selfie Pisses Off Firefighters, Calls Them “Darn Hose Draggers”. Meh, I Think It’s Humor.

It is no secret that “Selfies” are very popular these days. It enables us to be our very own paparazzi when no one is around to take our picture. There is a selfie that has caught the eye of firefighters pictured in it and apparently pissed off some of them. The selfie in question was taken by a Pike County, Ohio Sherrif’s deputy at a house fire with the caption “Darn Hose Draggers”.

I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not it bothers you.

Here are my thoughts…

  • This selfie probably wasn’t the best idea. The Deputy could have saved himself some trouble by not taking the picture and/or not sharing the picture.
  • The caption “Darn Hose Draggers” didn’t help him out either.
  • I doubt it was done to piss off firefighters, but I have known to be wrong at times.
  • I really don’t think that this is a big deal at all.
  • It might be a big deal with his boss if it is against policy though.
  • Does him calling firefighters “hose draggers” really bother me…no not at all. I think of it as humor. I can’t recount the “donut eating” comments made at my firehouse about cops…all humor, we love our brothers and sisters in blue.

Source of story and photo 

You be the judge…does it make you mad? Leave a comment below!


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  • Wvff

    Insulting no.
    Unprofessional yes.
    Let’s worry about preventing lodds before we worry about this.

  • McNick3

    Put your big girl panties on and go back to work. It was pretty funny… we get to be in the middle of the action while he directs traffic…. I’d be jealous too

  • stinkerbell65

    Very unprofessional. If he were a deputy around here, I doubt he’d be doing more than pushing paper for quite a while…that’s if he got lucky. He should have been securing the perimeter, instead of playing high schooler.

    • Brandon

      I think you should clean the sand out of your female reproductive organ, and then post again.

      • dezertdoc

        Yep, a raging case of vaginal silicosis!

      • stinkerbell65

        Very mature response. You must be like him: one who would rather be playing games when there is a serious situation at hand.

        • Brandon

          I am going to venture to guess that I have a substantial amount more experience than you do, based on YOUR “super serious situation at hand” comment. Do you know why? Because a Deputy Sheriff who has nothing to do with fire ops is taking a picture with a funny comment on a structure, and you are offended. I wont get into the classic argument, but you arent a full time firefighter, are you?

          • stinkerbell65

            You may have experience, but you lack maturity. First, I didn’t say “super serious…”; that makes you sound like you’re in high school, at best. If you’re going to quote someone, quote them properly. Second, if he has nothing to do with the scene…notice, once again, I did not say “fire ops”…he should not be there making light of the situation. If he wishes to do so, and it would be accurate, he should state in his little quip, or tag, that it is a “drill” or something of the nature. If you have ever lost someone, for example: three little boys under the age of seven, in a house fire; or a 12-year-old girl, in a natural gas explosion, which leveled the house and was felt miles away; or a mother, whose girls lost their father to cancer years before, and now have neither parent to give them away at their weddings; or a 7-year-old and her grandmother, who never had a chance at getting out…you wouldn’t take a fire scene so lightly, either.

            There is fun, and there is humor…but a fire scene is neither. Again, if he had stated it was a drill, or live-burn, those of us who know fire as a cause of loss, might be able to see the humor in him calling the firefighters “hose draggers.” Those “hose draggers” save lives by taking each and every scene seriously…even drills.

          • DekalbFire04

            You’re a whiner aren’t you? It was a harmless joke, suck it up! People always have to find something to bitch about.

          • stinkerbell65

            @Fire Critic said…”I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not it bothers you.” He meant all of us, not just those who take it lightly. When you suffer the loss and devastation of a fire, then, and only then, can you tell me to suck it up. I’m not bitching; nor am I being crude, crass, and immature like your buddies, @Brandon and @Dezertdoc. I simply stated my reply, as invited by the admin. I do see the humor in the picture and caption. However, I don’t see the humor in making light of a fire-scene. I’ve been through too many with too much human loss, to know how dangerous, and unpredictable, fire really is.

  • Jarrett Carey

    We all wear blue, Law Enforcement and Fire Service. The cops win this one…we’ll get them back somewhere, some how…;)

  • Life saving commander

    I’d like to see him gear up and “drag hose” go eat some krispykreme kid…

  • Waldo

    5 more points on his Civil Service test and he could have been a hose dragger too.

  • Wesley Reibert

    Well, allow me to retort:
    What’s the difference between a firefighter and a cop?

    Firefighters passed the firefighter exam

    • Duck25fd

      and a cop cant stand the heat

  • Brian D

    any chance he might be a volunteer with an FD and is just busting his own departments/fellow firefighters balls? i can say that being both a cop and firefighter lets me have the fun of busting everyones balls equally haha

  • LW

    With a mug like that, he needs all of the karma he can get… Its just a picture, no biggie…

  • Brandon

    Not an issue! Certainly not worthy of an internet post or my reply to said post…

  • Linda

    Very unprofessional. My dad was a Volunteer Fire fighter for 45 yrs. yrs. I was a Vol.firefighter/first responder for 20 yrs. I probably shouldn’t say this but here goes. If this officer would quit chasing donuts maybe he could run faster to catch the crooks.

    • oliver martin

      Get a life,,

  • WTFD38

    Somewhere in that neighborhood he is needed but he’s to busy taking selfies lol. It is funny I wouldn’t get worked up over it probably an inside joke. Just jealous cause firefighters get all the action and the girls.

  • slackjawedyokel

    if that’s all we have to worry about , we must be doing better than I thought.

  • Fd. Lieutenant

    I love seeing all these crybaby comments, get over yourselves you aren’t super heroes. Anyone who has any desire to do so can become a firefighter, and as long as they put some effort into it they can be good at it, its not rocket science. We are hose draggers, on the increasingly rare occasions that fires occur that is. Go back to polishing your nozzles and staring at your blue lights and get over it…

    • Sierra Johnson

      not just anyone can become a firefighter. It takes passion,hard work, guts, and determination. Our firefighters and police force ARE superheroes. they do what, we the common people, can not do. They risk thier lives on a daily basis to ensure OUR safety. Part of being in the law enforcement IS rocket science, whether you be a firefighteror a policeman, or in the army. Respect and love our law enforcers that actually do their jobs. They put more at stake everyday than we ever do, and they do it to protect us

  • Kyle

    Oh for God’s sake… give the guy a break. For one, he said ‘dang’ and not ‘damn’, it’s all in good fun – like we never poke fun? Everybody knows cops and firefighters really do have a great appreciation for one another – coming with that is an endless amount of crap.

    Much more important things to worry about than a small joke. Best idea? Probably not… Hurt anything or anybody, or make anybody look bad? No, not in my opinion. Not even sure why this is news.

  • dusty

    I agree. No big deal.

  • Ross county firefighter

    See the whole thing with the story is the person who submitted it is very well known around pike& Ross county for disrespecting and demeaning volunteers. He’s a crackpot wanna be journalist who has nothing better to do then start things with any and all people who stand up against him. I don’t think the selfie was a good idea considering somebody was loosing all their contents of the house. But being butt hurt over the whole hose dragger thing I would be more concerned around here when the name calling and joking stopped.

  • Drew Wakelin

    if firefighting was easy cops could do it too

  • John Richardson

    im a ff amd i thought it was kind of funny

  • Bee Gillman

    Don’t be jelly Paul Blart, grab a hose and we’ll show you what the hot zone is like ;)

  • Bee Gillman

    Don’t be jelly Paul Blart, we’d be more than happy to show you what it’s like in the hot zone ;)

  • Alex Morales

    It’s all good, just friendly banter. We both need each other, a public safety family, a family yes, but a disfunctional family for sure.

    • steve

      Yes my thoughts exactly. The cops in my area are very happy to see us on scene and work real good with us hose deaggers. I think this wasnt a comment to put us down he is just one of us. Like stated before who hasnt made cop jokes.

  • Dave

    Well if you cant stand the heat, Become a Darn donut eater!! Haha

  • Anthony E

    Can I just say, Thanks for aspiring to be like us… lol I’m not offended, I’m flattered he is noticing the surroundings, while keeping us safe. After all, we drag hose onto a truck to bring it into service. We drag hose off the truck at the fire. We drag hose into a house to put it out. We drag hose back out to put it in someone’s truck to take it to the station. We drag hose through a hose cleaner hooked to a hose that we drug to a hydrant or stand pipe. We drag hose to the drying rack. Once it dries, You guessed it, we drag hose and put it back on the truck. REPEAT. Congrats to the one cop who has our Job down pat!

  • vinny messina

    That’s pretty funny cause he’s doing nothing but standing there and the real men are doing the work lol

  • Tim Gibson

    Not in the least. Humorous.

  • Firechef

    Funny stuff coming from a pencil neck pistol pony

  • Jeremy Roy

    oohhh a deputy made fun of a firefighter? NO! Say it isn’t so. Meh, he’s probably just pissy cus Dunken’s was closed.

  • CoDean

    I saw a t-shirt yesterday that said
    because firefighters need heroes too”
    I laughed. It’s a running joke deal with it.

  • OnDaJob

    Why did God make cops….so fireman could have heroes!!!! Get over it have these people bitching are probably smacker volunteers who drive around town in an old police car with blue lights pretending to be a real cop

  • GW

    A little humor goes a long way. People take stuff to serious. I’m sure just about everyone has made a cop joke and they didn’t believe they were being unprofessional. Man up and stop being so sensitive.

  • Anna

    My husband and son are cops and another son and brother in law are fire fighters. They poke fun at each other all the time. My brother in law brought a dozen donuts to my son’s police Academy graduation. It’s how they cope. Quit trying to make everything evil.

  • Warren Ashworth

    As much as firefighters rag on LEO’s I think it’s funny. Touché!

  • G

    Was it a time to be taking a selfie no I hate selfies myself. And to the comment well what ever I was a hose dragger so I guess I can go see him at the donut shop and have one with him. Who gives a crap I just hate selfies.

  • Duck25fd

    I must say in our county we maybe vollies but our officers wouldn’t have time for that due to the fact there “dragging” hose with us or getting whatever resourses we need to contain the situations ive had multiple times ive had an officer help me drag hiose or set up a drop site!

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  • Jake

    No harm no foul!!