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Video: Philly Firefighters Making the Hit at a Vacant House in Kensington

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  • Howard

    That’s how you do it! Good job Philly FD!!! Look it in the face and go get it!

  • Capt Fire

    Nice job! Does a multifamily always get a single truck in Philly?

    • Gary Musicman

      No, depending on how many calls they receive or type of house they will either dispatch a box(4 engines 2 ladders 2 Bn chiefs) or a tactical box (2 engines 2 ladders 1 chief) there are more apparatus on this call you just do not see them in this video.

  • Dexter_Cornberry

    Good stop, PFD ! Based on the color and nature of the smoke showing upon arrival, many departments would have written this vacant building off and went defensive from the start.