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Must See Video: Not Your Typical Vehicle Fire – Highway to Hazmat Hell!

How does that saying go…”Expect Fire”. This brings new meaning to it for an MVA and/or vehicle fire! This fire occurred in Russia (unknown date), but reminds us that anything can happen!

Video by: Jay Patterson. Video info: Great Icebreaker video for a HAZMAT Class demonstrating the dangers of insecure high pressure cylinders in a highway accident. This was an accident that occurred in Russia. Russians have dashcams in order to provide additional evidence in court due to guard against police corruption and insurance fraud.

highway to hazmat hell

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  • Fire21

    Well, I mean, like, ya know…holy bottle rockets, Batman!!

  • mrtmd1

    Gotta love the 02 backing it out at the end after the hot bottle comes his way…

  • Rachel

    Awesome! Would loved to have been there.

  • Rhonda Anderson


  • William Frantz

    In Russa we dont use safty caps on our gas bottles

  • Leslie Archer

    Rachel do you realize that the driver lost his life? Are you really that dumb that you would think that a loss of life is “Awesome”??

  • Fred

    Looks to me like driver gets out at 26 second mark and gets across the freeway by 29 seconds….

  • Leslie Archer

    Fred that was the driver of the other truck that he sideswiped… the truck ignited too quick for him to get out

  • Andrew Na

    “dangers of insecure high pressure cylinders” … Did the cylinders think they were fat?