Video: 3rd Alarm Fire in Santiago, Chile

Video title translated: The 3rd Alarm Fire January 11, 2014

Video by: Juan Luis Insunza. Video info (translated): On Saturday night, January 11, 2014 at 23:03 hours the fire alarm was in the streets “Bandera” and “Santo Domingo” in the Santiago historic downtown. The emergency escalated to the 3rd. Alarm (out of 7) and all the ladders and quints available at that moment were dispatched. There were no civilian casualties or firefighters with serious injuries. Due to the size of the fire and characteristics of the building a defensive work was done. BX20 (radio code for Station 20 Quint) was dispatched to the emergency positioning in Bandera in front of the fire.

santiago chile 3 alarm fire

This is the street view of the building below

santiago chile 3 alarm fire 3