12 Firefighters Face Dismissal over Prank. Yet the Former Fire Chief Got a Verbal For Threatening a Firefighters Life?

What the hell is going on in Cleveland?

Four Captains, two Lieutenants, and six firefighters face disciplinary hearings after pictures of now retired Chief Daryl McGinnis were found in two local bars urinals. News reports that they could face dismissal. Read the news report here

Integrity? Yeah, there is little integrity shown in those actions. I agree that this was "piss-poor" judgment [excuse the pun]. I don't know how they pinned the actions on 12 firefighters, but hopefully they are accountable for their actions. 


Dismissal? Does that punishment really fit the crime?

Let's look into just one other case involved in Cleveland…It involves the former Chief Daryl McGinnis. 

Last month, McGinnis received a verbal reprimand for threatening to stab a firefighter in the neck for violating dress code, The Plain Dealer previously reported. (source)

Let me get this right…

If you post a picture of a former Chief in a urinal at a local bar…you could lose your job.


If you use your power negatively and threaten to stab a subordinate in the neck for violating dress code you only get a "verbal reprimand". 

It seems as though the Interim Chief Patrick Kelly has his hands full on this one. 

If you are wondering why the former Chief's picture showed up in the urinal in the first place, you might want to read these two articles entirely. Article on the firefighters here and article on the former Chief here.

Oh, and if you are curious to know why McGinnis is no longer Chief…it is because they removed him due to not getting his required training. He retired shortly thereafter.