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Video: LAFD (Lehigh Acres FD, FL) House Fire…”Go Get the Irons”

Video by: Charlie Robbins. Video info: LAFD (Lehigh Acres FD, FL) Engine 105 was first due at a kitchen fire in a private dwelling. The fire occurred 9/6/2013.

Edit: I should have specified this is Lehigh Acres Fire Department in Lehigh Acres, FL.

As with most videos of fires I post, I think this one has some training bits in it. I don’t like armchair quarterbacking fires I wasn’t at, but I do like sharing videos that might have something to help provide some training talk.


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  • Brian Humphrey


    I am pleased to say (with absolute certainty) that the persons seen in this video have no affiliation whatsoever with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

    In the case of this video, “LAFD” appears to stand for the “Lehigh Acres Fire Department” in Florida. Thanks in advance for any clarification you can offer to your readership, who may mistake what they see as being affiliated with, endorsed or in some way approved by our agency.

    • The Fire Critic

      Thanks Brian. I made the edit to include the specific department.