Flooding in Roanoke – Roanoke City’s Swift Water Rescue Team in Action

The Roanoke, VA area is being hit by constant rain. If I remember correctly, I read that on July 3/4th of this year, the Roanoke River crested at the 10th highest level on record. In 2007, we saw a similar event as our Swift Water Rescue Crew made CNN with rescues made all over the area. I am not certain how bad it got today, but it was bad. It is expected to get worse.

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One of the areas that typically gets hit pretty hard is the Peters Creek area. That is 13’s first due and where Captain Wines is assigned.

I head to work in the morning. We are expected to get more rain tonight and through the weekend.

Roanoke Fire-EMS Department (Facebook):

Roanoke Fire -EMS swift water rescue crews responded to 21 rescue calls between 3:30 pm and 5:44 pm today.


From Roanoke Emergency Management- potential for another inch of rain tonight and possible high winds gusting from 30-40mph….

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The Roanoke Fire-EMS swift water rescue team pulled two women to safety after flooding left them stranded in a Nissan Sentra in northwest Roanoke.
by Tiffany Holland and Zach Crizer


There have been several reports of flash floods on Roanoke streets after a cluster of storms popped up in the region.

As heavy rain inundated the area this afternoon, Peters Creek raged out of its banks and onto Peters Creek Road, near Mountain View Road. A Roanoke Fire-EMS swift water rescue team that dispatched to the intersection ferried a total of 28 people to safety, including 21 from a day care.

Nineteen children and two adults were evacuated in four raft trips from Rainbow Christian Learning Center. The crews ferried groups of elementary school-age children from the front door of the day care to the high ground of a nearby funeral home parking lot.