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Great Deal on the New Fire Cam Mini HD (1080)

All New Fire Cam Mini HD Camera $189.95

Order at coupon code: firecritic

That’s over 30% off* (only 100 available at this price)

The all new Fire Cam Mini HD is smaller than the original Fire Cam Mini HD with the ability to film in 1080 @30 fps or 720 @ 60 fps. The camera has a 170 degree wide angle lens and is one of the smallest helmet camera’s in the World. The camera also takes pictures. It is 86 x 30 x 30 mm (smaller than the old mini) and weighs only 3.31 ounces.

This is a great Fathers Day Gift Idea for your Firefighter!

Your purchase will include:

  • A Brand new Fire Cam Mini HD
  • 16 gb class 10 micro SDHC memory card
  • Blackjack mount for your helmet
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • USB cable
  • Battery charger
  • Water resistant sound cap (for audio)
  • Waterproof cap for use underwater up to 33 feet

COVERED by the FIRE CAM DAMAGE” WARRANTY! ALL Fire Helmet Cameras™ are covered under the “Fire Cam Damage” warranty. If your cameras components get damaged in a fire, you are covered for a FREE replacement.  Just call or email us and let us know. We are the ONLY Fire Helmet Camera™ manufacturer and the ONLY company that offers this amazing deal.

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Fire Cam is a firefighter owned and operated business. Our fire helmet cameras are SPECIFICALLY designed, NFPA compliant and are revolutionizing the fire service industry. Please be careful of fake “Fire Helmet Cameras™” sold elsewhere. Watch the HEAT TEST video that Fire Cam passed, while other cameras failed. If its not stamped “FIRE CAM”, it’s NOT A “FIRE HELMET CAMERA™”.
*Regular price $299.95 w/ 8 gb SDHC card (this deal includes a 16 gb SDHC card). Offered on for $209.95. You can get it for $189.95 (w/ 16 gb SDHC card) using the coupon code: firecritic. Enter the coupon code upon checkout.

Order yours today at using the coupon code: firecritic

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Comments - Add Yours

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  • rmhinkle

    I tried to buy one of these the other day when this coupon code was advertised. I got stuck in a spot though. There was never anywhere to type in the code and assumed since it said “type in the code upon checkout” that when I clicked “process order” there would be a place to enter it. There never was and the helmet cam showed up today. I tried contacting them by phone and email but haven’t had it straightened out yet. So I paid full price and did not receive a 16gb card to use it. Now I can’t use it until I get a card and I don’t know if they will be sending one to me and honoring the discount or if I have to go buy one on top of the full price. Not real happy about the process so far…

    • The Fire Critic


      I am not sure why you had difficulty in ordering with the special price. There were a lot of cameras sold through this deal and yours is the first issue we have come across. I have notified the owner of Fire Cam and he will be in contact with you soon. Please let me know if you are not contacted. We will find a remedy to this I am sure. Sorry it was a bother.

      • rmhinkle

        Thanks, I have been contacted just haven’t been told what to do yet. I’m sure they are good cameras and offer good service I just had a weird circumstance. I also opened the package up and found that one of the batteries wasn’t sealed and had busted open… ha When it rains it pours…

  • Rob Schield

    Hi Matt,
    Your new battery and card is enroute! We will credit the difference on your CC also.
    Fire Cam

  • Justin Siron

    I recieved my firecam today through with the coupon code applied. I got the discount but I did not recieve any memory card with it. Any suggestions?

  • Adam pixley

    I bought the fire cam 1080 and it worked one time after that the both batteries are dead and as soon asi out it on charger it shows they are fully charged can someone help please

    • The Fire Critic

      Adam, contact the company. I understand they had a few issues with some of the cameras and were replacing them.

  • Mike Lamond

    I may have one of those cameras mine was working fine for one month than it just stopped working both batteries are charged and i still can’t turn it on. It also has a 32gb mini SD card class 10 and its formatted to the camera so that is not the problem .

  • Devin

    I have tried to order the fire cam and apply the code and this is what keeps popping up Coupon code entered is not valid or reached it maximum usage limit.  
    Has the coupoon expired? If so, will the fire cam go on sale anymore before christmas? 

  • Sara

    My mini will take pictures but will not operate in video mode. Anybody else experiencing this.  If so, is there a solution?