LODD – Dallas Firefighter Stanley Wilson Dies in 6 Alarm Apartment Fire

Dallas Firefighter Stanley Wilson, 51, was found dead after radioing an emergency transmission that he was trapped in an apartment fire. Over 150 Dallas firefighters battled the 6 alarm blaze. Wilson, a 28 year veteran of the department, was stationed at firehouse 53. Wilson was married with two teenage sons.

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Dallas Firefighter Stanley Wilson


The body of a Dallas firefighter who radioed for help after becoming trapped in a burning condominium has been recovered.

The firefighter, whose name has not yet been released, was among the 100 Dallas firefighters who responded to a six-alarm fire at the Hearthwood Condominiums at 12363 Abrams Road Monday morning.

When firefighters arrived shortly before 3 a.m., smoke was seen billowing through the roof of the complex. Dallas Fire-Rescue’s Jason Evans said firefighters initially started to attack the fire offensively, but moved to a defensive posture due to how fast the fire was growing.

At about 5 a.m., one of the firefighters radioed that he was trapped inside the building and that he wasn’t sure where he was. Evans said crews had not been able to reach the firefighter by radio since that message.

At about 9:15 a.m., the body of the firefighter was found. He was removed from the rubble, covered in an American flag and carried to an ambulance as dozens of firefighters and onlookers flanked either side, removed their helmets and saluted the procession.