FDNY Surprise Marriage Proposal at The Rock. Firefighter Proposes at Family Day

Videos by Aoki Scotland and Fiorella Maher give two views of this proposal. Info:

I went to Family Day to see all the hard training my fiance and his brothers have endured in these past LONG Four months. I was so excited to see all the insanely and heroic things these guys have learned. Firefighter’s are true hero’s and I don’t think thy get the credit they should! In one of the exercises, My fiance’s Drill Instructor approached me and asked me to be a volunteer. Non-hesitant at all, I followed him up to the building (3rd floor). I did NOT EXPECT THIS AT ALL! 

My face transformation says it all. This moment will forever play in my head. I got rescued by a Firefighter with an amazing message. A proposal that was perfect! And just as a little girl who sat on her window sill dreaming of who her Prince Charming would be and what her love story would read, my dream came true today! This video is intended to SHARE and SPREAD the LOVE. I always hear “Romance is dead” and it’s not. I am huge believer in true love and this is a glimpse of our love story. I know there has been negative comments and not everyone thinks alike. FYI I was safe, there was a net under and a LARGE GROUP OF PROFESSIONALS surrounding me who walked me through how I was supposed to come down.