Best of the Rest – Opening Up, The Craft, Mr. Perfect, Gold Stars, Blowin Smoke, and much more!

The Best of the Rest is a resource for firefighters that puts some of the best news, information, and most importantly articles from other blogs in one place. The column runs just about every week (depending on time) and is typically posted on Tuesdays. Some articles I find on my own, others are sent to me.

It is the busiest part of the year for me. Lacrosse season starts today. I coach my son on U11 and along with my daughter playing and her cheerleading, my wife and I are about to enjoy something like 10 practices covering 7 days of the week. Along with work, I will do my best to keep up to date as I typically do. Keep sending in your info.

I will be giving away a Phenix TL2 helmet from Leatherhead Projects. Check them out. I will have all of the information on the giveaway very soon. We are hoping to give the helmet away on St. Patrick’s Day.

Knotts Island Fire Chief Scott Morrison died while on scene of a brush fire on Sunday. Read more about it here. Scott was a friend of mine and many people I know. It is amazing to hear from everyone who knew him. He was such a great guy and a great Fire Chief as well. I will update with funeral arrangements when I get them.

Firefighter Nation has a story about how fire poles are slowly being replaced by slides. I wrote about this back in 2009 and found the trend interesting. We don’t have any near us, but I have seen more and more in use across the U.S. Read Firefighter Nations article here.

Paul W Hewitt Jr shared this photo on the Fire Critic FB page:  Bloomingdale VFD: These were our conditions upon arrival on Sunday night. House was fully involved and due to all the hydrants were not working so we initiated a tanker task force to shuttle water in. All in all everything went good it was just a surround and drown for 3 hrs until we could get it mostly out then it turn offensive

The Model City Firefighter has another “Blowin Smoke” article. This time he interviews Greg Conlan (Boston Rescue 2). Read it here.

Captain Willie Wines Jr. writes about “Opening Up” in his latest post.

The Fire Truck Blog has a story of a New Hampshire Rig’s front wheel falling off on the way to a call. Check it out here. offers an in-depth look at a Fire Chief that probably shouldn’t have been given the trust of the title. Read more here.

Backstep Firefighter offers Contradictions in Atlanta and states “Rescue challenges those who cling to absolutes in fear and tradition.” Read about it here.

The Fire Law Blog latest: Pittsburgh Settles FLSA Overtime Suit By Officers

Brian Brush writes “The Craft” on Fire Service Warrior. The article looks at firefighting as a craft. Read it here has a story about the NFFF: The Hal Bruno Camp for Children of Fallen Firefighters honors the memory of Hal Bruno, the late Chairman Emeritus of the NFFF’s Board of Directors. Read about it here offers an article titled “New UL Study Reinforces Sound Old Fire Tactics”

Mark vonAppen writes about “Gold Stars”…or his second coming as a firefighter when he realized there was so much more available in learning our craft outside the confines of our own departments. Read about it here.

Average Jake Firefighter offers a view that goes along with Mark’s above. “Mr. Perfect” is how some others think of those of us who put ourselves out there via blogs and social media. He assures you that is not the case. Read about it here.

Everyday EMS Tips has this: Video: Paramedic Featured on Fitting Room TV