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Video: 2 Alarm Fatal House Fire in Holland Township, NJ with Rescue and Double Flyout

One woman died and three others injured in a 2 alarm house fire in Holland Township, NJ on the 10th.

Video by Dan Clerico of

Video info: Holland Township, NJ– 138 Hawk Schoolhouse Road house fire with entrapment. Radio transmissions said four people were reported injured in the fire one had burns over 50% of their body, EMS requested two flown by air medical. Companies laid 5″ up the driveway and attacked the 2 story stone frame and placed large lines in service. Milford’s Engine used a pond across the street as the water source and supplied the 5″ most of the mutual aid tenders were recalled from the scene. One firefighter was reported to be transported to Warren hospital with unknown injuries check out NJ.coms article below for further details. 69 News is reporting a female in the house died in the fire 2 others remain in critical condition in Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest’s burn unit.

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69 News Article:…

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  • Joe Wielgus

    These individuals are really something else..Putting their own life in danger and spending their time for nothing more then ,”Thank you”. Personally coming from a city where they had firemen on the payroll 24/7. These individuals in the suburbs are quicker to respond, and get much less for it.
    I for one would personally Thank, each and everyone of these men. They each do a fantastic job, for Free.
    We all should hope that one day, in some small way, we can each repay them for their effort.
    They are remarkable people !
    God Bless Them !

  • Dan Clerico

    Thanks for the share, Here’s an updated article from or the rescues made.

  • Beth Collins

    DITTO Joe Wielgus’ very eloquent comments. I am proud to know one of these people.