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Best of the Rest – Die-Hard Truckie, Rope Training, Reviews, FD Finds $5.2M, Imitation and much more!

Short and sweet update today. If you remember, Willie and I were interviewed for the 100th episode of “Caught on Camera” on MSNBC. It should be airing in the next couple of weeks, but I am not sure exactly. Hopefully we sound like we know what we are talking about!

The Fire Critic Facebook page continues to stay busy with “Questions from a Brother”…I am currently backlogged about a dozen questions. Hopefully I will get to each one of them. Keep track of what is going on by checking out the Fire Critic Facebook Page here.

Firefighter Product Reviews – There are two recent reviews on The site offers you the ability to rate the products as well. You can do it without even logging in! Check out: Ladder Pride by Firehouse Pride and 720p High-Def Helmet Camera. Don’t worry, there are plenty more reviews in the works. – Dave reminds us why we call his site “Whacker Central” with this video he claims was a Super Bowl Commercial (but no one saw it): The Super Bowl Commercial You Didn’t See: So God Made the Fire Department Engineer”. Don’t waste your time… although there is a cameo by Captain Wines in it (He probably doesn’t know it yet though).

Fire Service Warrior – Jason Jefferies offers us “Confessions of a Die-Hard Truckie“. A great read explaining the role of the “Roof Shepherds”. – Captain Wines continues to get back into the swing of things with this latest post “I Don’t Know…

Backstep Firefighter – Bill Carey offers a video showing a Fire Buff getting the kinks out of a hoseline. Check out “Kinks. Even a Buff Knows How to Chase Them.

First Due Tackle – Paul Hasenmeier offers a post on “Some Reusable Rope Training – Michael Smith offers a look at the “2013 Cadillac ATS Body Structure“. This is an excellent site for extrication resources and training.

Fire Law Blog – The Brentwood FD in Long Island just found out they had a $5.2 million dollar surplus from an audit. What to do? What to do? Read about it here “NY Audit Discloses a Huge What?

Firefighter NationStudy Shows Firefighters Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Model City Firefighter – Brian Edwards has joined Andrew Catron on the blog. Brian writes about “Competing with the Best

Urban Firefighter Magazine – Ray writes about “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Copying“.

Fire CriticVideo: Ungrateful Citizen Needs Education In Bridgeport, CT. Irrational Rant Posted on Youtube.


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