Fireground Video: House Fire in Saddle Brook, NJ. Small but Important Training Lesson Involved

This house fire in Saddle Brook, NJ sent two people to the hospital on the 30th of January. There was a story on it here, but the url was bad when I checked it. If you watch the video, the fire seems to go from good to bad, but we don’t see what they had when they got there. At any rate, as with most fires, this one required a bit of overhaul.

Please do watch at the 6:24 mark when one firefighter almost really learns a lesson and nearly creates a close call with live wires. This is why these videos are so important…watch them to learn. Learn something from them. No fault on any of the firefighters, this business is chock full of learning and experiences.

Video by homer218

Visit the Saddle Brook Fire Department online here