Best of the Rest – Boots, I-Stairs, Some Spirituality, Lexington Eng. 8 Close Call, Helmet Cam Video’s, and more!

Willie is hanging out with Zach and Kelly down in Daytona, Florida this week. As usual, they are having a blast. Unfortunately, I am not with them. I am still in Virginia. This weekend, the family is heading to Richmond (my old stomping ground) for my daughters cheerleading competition. More than likely, Preston and I will be tooling around Richmond looking for some trouble to get into at some point in time.

If you were paying attention to the Fire Critic Facebook Page (nearing 20k fans), you probably notices all of the pictures of firefighters boots. I cannot believe the outpouring of support for our Brother Willie Wines Jr. The reason for the boots was to show support for our Brother in getting back to work. The good news is that he will be back to work soon and is all set to get back with a note from the City Doctor. The even greater news is that he is on vacation for a couple of days and is down in Florida!

You will also notice two new advertisers on Both and (Fire Cam) are advertising with us now. If you get a chance, check them out. Both have excellent products!

I haven’t had the time to put together a “Best of the Rest” post in several weeks. Therefore, there is a ton of links below…and there are even more that I have missed.

There are only a few days left to get the 20% off at FatIvan. They have a brand new product out as well!

Lexington, Kentucky had an apparatus roll on its side due to icy roads today. No firefighters were injured in the accident. Engine Company 8 is located in the Northside of the City. The images were shared by Captain A of Truckie Talk (FB link).

Another fire engine was involved in a wreck down in North Carolina today. Check this link for coverage.

Helmet Camera Video: If you haven’t seen the 1st hand POV rescue in Corinth, MS you need to see it right now. was first on the net with it.

Helmet Camera found this helmet camera footage from Maryland. It is a fire on Coles Drive and the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department was on scene.

Captain Wines is getting back into it at

Our Brother Paul Hasenmeier has the following posts for us on First Due Tackle:

Tiger Schmittendorf has a lengthy, but worth reading post about training your replacements, mentors, and a man who meant a lot to Tiger. It also features our Brother Paul!

On the spiritual side… has the following new articles:

Dave Statter continues to put the mainstream fire service sites to shame with his rag He often scoops the other sites first with the most compelling fire service news out there. Here are a few that you shouldn’t have missed:

Green Maltese has one you have got to see…The new I-Stair

I leave you with two videos of a 2nd alarm fire in Cheltenham at the Melrose shopping center.

The first video by NewsWorking, the second by Mike Nester.