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House Fire Video: “Yeah We’re Fixin To Lose it, There it Goes, Right Now” & More Commentary You Don’t Want to Miss!

Video of a House fire at at 668 Mahoning St. Milton, PA. Enjoy the commentary.

Part 1 is above, Part 2 and 3 below. Although I believe that chronologically they should go in the order of 2, then 3, then 1 if you want to watch it in order.

Video by Medicff0879

The “extensive” Tuesday afternoon fire that ripped through a Milton home Tuesday left the family homeless and killed one of the family’s pets, said Milton Fire Chief Sam Shaffer.

No one was home when the blaze broke out and a bystander was able to rescue one of the family’s dogs, but another perished in the fire, Shaffer said.

“They lost one dog and a bystander broke a window and pulled the other one out,” he said.

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  • Tom Dick Harry

    They did an interior attack, but the walls were balloon construction with space between the floors. The fire went from the 1st floor to the open attic, through the walls, under the floors. The attic floor collapsed, along with a rear wall, so the place was evacuated. No matter how good you think you are; sometimes a house is “built so well” (for the 19th century) that you just can’t save it. That is the case here. Aside from the fact that it’s brick, it acted like a blast furnace. By the time it ate through the roof, it was just roaring. There were so many places for the fire to go, out of sight, that it made too much headway by the time it was discovered, someone called 911, and the truck arrived.. It was just too late. Don’t be such dicks. Sorry, but if a life isn’t in danger, no lives should be risked.

  • Fred