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4 Firefighters Injured in Bedford (VA) Fire Engine Rollover

From my sources, four firefighters were injured when their apparatus rolled over in Bedford today. All four were transported to area hospitals by ground or air. Bedford FD Engine 1 is a 2007 Seagrave Marauder II. Being close to the area, we have guys on our department who volunteer in Bedford. Their Chief Creasy is a firefighter in Roanoke City. Two of the firefighters involved (Chauffeur and Officer) are also paid firefighters at the Roanoke Regional Airport.  I have been told by sources that none of the firefighters sustained life threatening injuries.

I will update with more information as it is available. 

Bedford, VA – Four people are being treated in the hospital after a fire truck flipped over in Bedford Saturday afternoon.

Police say Peaks Street is blocked from Whitfield Drive to Boone Drive.

Several crews are on the scene at the intersection of Peaks Street and Boone Drive where a Bedford County fire truck landed on its side.

via Four People in Hospital After Fire Truck Flips Over in Bedford – – ABC13.

Below is a photo of Engine 1 from Nathan Camfiord

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  • Harold Hill VBFD Ladder Captain

    Our thoughts are with the Firefighters riding on this rig that they are all ok. Before we start judging what happen let the Officers from the Bedford FD & PD complete the investigation. Not sure Dave what your position is with the FD but if you are a Firefighter or Officer you shouldn’t throw our own under the bus. Let it play out, you never know you could be in the same situation one day and not wanting brother Firefighters throwing you under the bus.

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  • Brian Haggerty

    to DAVID ELL. I have been a cop 27+ years full time and also have driven CDL trucks part time for 15 years. Save your bitch about the accident. Big rig accidents ( non FD trucks ) happen all the time in the US but don’t make the news as much as when the shinny red truck goes over. Just like the attention Police crashes get.. Without a police report saying the facts are, non of us have a clue what the cause was. I have been to many car accidents on nice sunny days, on good roads and good drivers. Accidents happen all the time. Unless your an expert accident investigator involved in this investigation, you should shut up and keep your opinion to yourself.

  • Firefighter

    Just to clarify, the apparatus did not roll over, it simply laid on its side. The outcome would have been much worse had it been a rollover.

    • The Fire Critic

      Point taken Firefighter. My mistake.