The Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Firefighters List for 2012

Here are the Top Ten Christmas Gifts for 2012. This is a blog feature I have been doing for the past several years. The list has changed a little bit because of all the great products/companies that I want to share. Therefore, I have put some similar products into categories of gifts. This gives more ideas for everyone to look at.

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Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. You might even point out some of the best products you are interested in. Feel free to add anything else you want in the comments! Many of these items/companies have been reviewed on (FPR).

10. Fire Critic & Iron Firemen Merchandise

The Fire Critic and Iron Firemen (Captain Willie Wines Jr.) have teamed up on their merchandise they offer. Since we mostly travel together, it made perfect sense. We have Brotherhood Chips (currently out of stock), Challenge Coins, Patches, and T-shirts. Check them out below. One thing we wanted to ensure when creating this merchandise was that it remained affordable.

“Hey Brother” Shirt – Our shirts are sold exclusively through Crosstitched. Crosstitched has their own designs as well. Our shirts are very affordable at $15 each.
Purchase a “Hey Brother” Shirt here 

Fire Critic/Iron Firemen Challenge Coins – Offered from NM-Coin, our challenge coins have navigated the globe. You can get yours from NM-Coin today!
Purchase a challenge coin here

Fire Critic/Iron Firemen Patch – Our patch is a one of a kind and also created/offered by NM-Coin. Add it to your collection today!
Purchase a patch here

9. Wall Shields Custom Wood Firehouse Furnishings

Wall Shields – Wall Shields Co. is a fireman owned business and is the creator of Wall Shields and the Firehouse Furnishings line. We make custom-made Wall Shields and Firehouse Furnishings for you or your Firehouse. Wall Shields make great gifts for retirements, awards, or holidays. Our Firehouse Furnishings are designed and built by firemen to withstand abuse. All of our products are a great way to display your station’s pride. Don’t see what you want? Let us know. Here at Wall Shields Co., we can make just about anything you can think of. You are limited by your only by your imagination.
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8. Fire Service Warrior Foundations Workbook

Fire Service Warrior FSWFoundations Workbook – The FSWFoundations Workbook is a 21-Day Personal and Professional Development program designed to help you implement the Fire Service Warrior Concept in your life. The daily work includes FSWMindfulness, FSWTraining, and FSWFitness work to help you prepare yourself to thrive on the fireground. Regular price is $25.00 including shipping to US addresses. For non-US Orders you will receive a separate invoice for shipping.
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7. 2013 Firefighter Calendars

Not all firefighters are calendar models…however, the ones who are are well worth gracing the pages of calendars. Many firefighting calendars raise money for charity. Most of the calendars feature actual firefighters. Trust me, these calendars are good! To save space, I have simply linked to the Top Ten lists of calendars I put together recently.

Top Ten Female Firefighter Calendars for 2013

Top Ten Male Firefighter Calendars for 2013

6. Custom Made Kilt

Every firefighter should own a kilt. Many don’t think they can pull off the look, or don’t want to wear a kilt. I am not saying wear one every day…but there are those occasions where a kilt should be worn if you have one!

Alt Kilt – Our purpose is to provide functional, stylish and well-made kilts that are individually designed and custom built for each client.
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Bunker Kilts – Essential Gear For Firefighters. Firefighter Owned and Operated. The fabric and reflective striping are made of the same materials as structural firefighting gear.
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5. Firefighting Apparel

Firefighters love showing off their Pride in the job by wearing Firefighting apparel. The companies below excel in firefighting shirts. There are designs for everyone and anyone. Some are basic and others are over the top. What you won’t find below is the “I Fight What You Fear” type of shirts that no one should be wearing!

Ride Backwards – Their mission…To bring the best to the bravest: high quality athletic wear, with original designs, at affordable prices. Fashion without function is like a Haligan bar without a flathead axe. Sure, they can be used separately, but how much more efficient are they when they’re married together?
Web SiteFacebook  – FPR Review Pending 

Black Helmet – Too many designs to list! Mens’, Women’s, Kid’s, hats, decals, and much more!
Web SiteFacebook FPR Review Pending

Crosstitched – The home of the Fire Critic/Iron Firemen “Hey Brother” T-shirt. Crosstitched offers great designs on comfortable shirts!
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Axe Head – Built By Tradition. AxeHead is an attitude, it’s a lifestyle. We believe in old school values and tradition.
Web SiteFacebook

The Fire Service Warrior Shirt– is the official website for an emerging, operational framework known as the Fire Service Warrior Concept. Our Mission is simple: Forging Fire Service Excellence.
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Detroit Devil’s Night 2012 Shirt – Typically the busiest night of fire in the City that sees the most fire.
Web Site

Firehouse Shirt Club – This one is new to me, but for $20 a month, your firefighter gets a different shirt each month.
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Boston Fire Gear – At Boston Fire Gear our mission is to provide the best quality Boston Fire merchandise at affordable prices. We want every customer to be 100% satisfied with Boston Fire Gear products and encourage customer feedback.
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MN8 FoxFire Keep Calm and Fight Fire Shirt – MN8 FoxFire is known for their illuminating technology. This shirt is no different and illuminates in the dark.
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4. Personal Protective Equipment & Accessories

Dragon Fire Alpha X Structural Firefighting Gloves – The Fireman’s Shield gloves main heat protection comes from our Kovenex™, not the leather. This exclusive design yields a thinner, softer glove without compromising thermal protection. With a TPP rating of 45, Fireman’s Shield gloves are rated 30% above the NFPA standard.
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Glove Crafters Fire Armor Structural Firefighting gloves – A true three dimensional glove curved finger design with inset 2 piece thumb.
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Streamlight Vulcan Box light or LED Helmet Light – Streamlight is a “hands-on” company. We learn by doing, so we understand what our customers need because we’re out there doing what they do, using the same lighting tools in the same ways. We go through firefighters’ training.
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Phenix TL2 Traditional Leather Firefighting Helmet – Phenix Technology’s Traditional Leather Helmet boasts a low center of gravity and is center balanced, thus, promoting a very low degree of neck fatigue.
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3. Tools and Equipment

Let’s face it, most of our departments purchase the typical “firefighting” tools to place on the apparatus. There are hundreds of additional tools as well as innovations to those tools that firefighters have found useful on the job. Below are some of those tools.

The Pig Fire Tool – THE PIG is an innovative and beautifully simple, fire service tool that was developed by an experienced Austin, Texas firefighter. THE PIG combines the two working ends of the flat-head and the pick-head axe.
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The Bowring Fire Tool – The Ultimate Firefighter’s Tool
Web SiteFPR Review

New York Hook from Fire Hooks Unlimited – The Firehooks Unlimited web site is down, you can click on “web site” below to check out their tools from All Hands Fire Equipment.
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Firefighter Axe from Fire Axe Inc. – Mirror polished steel axes available in many styles and sizes.
Web Site

FatIvan® Door Chock  The World’s Only Fold Up Door Chock! A perfect tool for Emergency Services, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Hotel/Motel and all deliveries. FatIvan’s® safe, secure design never slips off hinge or comes out accidentally.
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Helmet Camera from – Bringing the toughest HD Fire Helmet Cameras to Americas Bravest! is the new way to “Do Work”! for fireground video! Aggressive interior: It’s how we work, It’s what we sell.
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Channellock 87 Rescue Tool – An excellent tool for any firefighter!
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1. Custom Leather Firefighting Accessories

Custom leather shields, radio straps, glove straps, suspenders, chin straps, and other items are a great way for a firefighter to show off his/her PRIDE of Firefighting. Although some of these items probably won’t be ready and shipped by Christmas, you should look into getting your firefighter a gift certificate or credit to one of these great companies. That way, your firefighter can get the item personalized exactly the way they want!

Box Alarm Leather – Custom Leather Helmet Shields, Radio Straps, Radio Cases, Glove Straps, Suspenders, Shield Plaques.
Web Site – Facebook – FPR Review 

Wolfpak Leatherworks – Custom Leather Suspenders, Radio Straps, Glove Straps, Chin Straps, Axe Belts, Box Light Systems, Wolfpak apparel, and more
Web Site – Facebook – FPR Review

1st In Leather – Custom Leather Helmet Shields, Suspenders, and Glove Straps
Facebook – FPR Review is pending

RKE Custom Leather – Custom Leather Shields, Sustpenders, Radio Straps, Radio Cases
Web Site – Facebook