THIS is why I am Proud to be a Firefighter!

Today is the first day of our cycle. My Captain is off again this cycle leaving me to ride the seat. We have a top notch crew. Even as the days seem to get longer and longer, no one complains about getting the job done. Today, Medic 3 has been running non-stop. The engine has caught several calls as well. Unfortunately, Medic 3 missed our trip to work out at Gold’s Gym due to calls, but the Engine made the trip.

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But none of that compares to some of the other events of the day. One of the real reasons why I love my job. We had visitors. As a matter of fact, it began yesterday when Brother Greg Doss stopped by #13 with is son Beau and Beau’s friend Sam. Willie wrote about that in his latest post, and I share that below today’s events.

Virginia Tech Rescue Squad Command Vehicle

Virginia Tech Rescue Squad Command Vehicle

Our visitors today included three guys from the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad and a Cub Scout troop.

We were cooking dinner when I noticed a VT Rescue Squad command vehicle in our lot. I walked out and invited them in. They were in the area dropping off an ambulance for some maintenance and wanted to see one of our medic units to get some ideas for a future purchase. Medic 3 was…you guessed it…on a call. We got them some coffee and hung out until Medic 3 made it back.

Captain Ryan Steves, 1st Lt. Ryan Koonce, and Ed (sorry that was all I caught) were more than patient in waiting for Medic 3. We learned a little bit about them and their organization. I also learned that Ryan Koonce’s father is Ric Koonce. Ric is a retired Battalion Chief in Prince George’s County Maryland and is the Associate Professor and Program Head, Fire Science at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Ric taught me years ago when I went to school at J. Sargeant Reynolds. What a small world.

In the end, the guys were able to check out Medic 3, snap some pictures, and maybe see some ideas they might use in future ambulances at VT. Thanks for stopping in guys. Anytime you need anything just let us know!

The guys from VT Rescue Squad checking out our Medic 3

So that was up til dinner time. Directly after dinner, we had more visitors. Three cub scouts from local troop 5 stopped in to check out our Firehouse. Did I mention I take great pride in showing off our firehouse? These little guys were great and very well behaved. It was a nice change from the typical groups of 20-60 school children that are a little harder to keep their attention.

I took the group with FF/Medic Hull while the other guys cleaned up after dinner. It was, and always is, my honor to show off our firehouse. If someone else wants to do it I am perfectly fine with that as well. We showed them Engine 3 and Medic 3, followed by a tour of our firehouse. I always make it a  point to explain what it is we do and how proud we are of being firefighters. I do it in a way that the children understand AND so that the parents can get a little taste of what we do.

In the end, the rest of the crew joined us including Acting Lt. David Lucas, FF/EMT Aaron Parker, and FF/EMT Ed Miller (on loan from #7). Thanks for stopping by Troop 5!

Acting Lt. David Lucas and I pose with the Cub Scouts of Troop 5.

It is busy days filled with visitors that really keep me grounded as to why I do what I do!

As I mentioned, we had visitors yesterday as well. Good friend and Brother Greg Doss called me on Sunday night. He was in town on his way from Maryland to home in Tennessee. Greg’s father used to be a firefighter in our department and Greg is from the area. He is a newly promoted Lt. in Franklin, TN. His son Beau is also a firefighter in their hometown. Beau’s friend and fellow firefighter Sam (pretty sure that was his name) was also with them.

When Greg called, I was at home enjoying family time. I knew Captain Wines was working in the morning and told them to be at #13 at 9am for breakfast. Then I called Willie and invited myself and the others for breakfast. I wasn’t worried. Captain Wines and I think alike and I knew that unless they had some training planned he would be game for opening up his firehouse to us. Rookie Randy, and Lt. Perdue really stepped up to the occasion and a great breakfast was made for all of us. The bonus was Chief Adkins, Support Driver Donnie Foutz, and Willie Wines Sr. being there as well. As it ends up, Willie Sr. knew some of the Doss’ kin, and Donnie remembered Greg from their days in Vinton…Back in the Day! Thanks for everything Captain Wines, and thanks to the Brothers from Tennessee for making the time to break bread with us.