Last Day for JG…Two Fires, A DOA, and an Overdose

While I haven’t gotten around to introducing everyone to my entire crew, I would like you to meet one who is leaving…JG has been with us for several years now, in the department a little longer. Let’s say 4-5 years maybe. He is leaving the Fire-EMS Department to join the Police Department. HA!

What the heck is he thinking. He scores high enough on the test to be a firefighter where the public actually like him to join the PD where everyone hates them.

We gave him a parting gift…

He began his last day on the medic unit and swapped half way through. On the medic truck, he had a DOA and an overdose call that was pretty involved.

Later that night around midnight, we had a decent house fire in our first due. JG was on the nozzle and I was pumping the engine. Our rookie, Parker, actually asked me after the fire was out why I was so calm. I told him that it is easy to remain calm when you know what you are doing. I have been driving for years, pumped numerous fires, and this was a fairly simple one. Two crosslays and I parked the engine past the house right next to a hydrant. I had water and the ladder had the address. Parker then said “so you don’t get excited anymore”. I told him hell yeah I get excited when we get a fire. I love it…but with proper training, knowledge, and experience I guess I can make the easy ones look easy. I assured him that I can get real excited when the shit hits the fan, but I still have a job to do correctly and efficiently.

Around 4:30am we got toned out to help the County with a mutual aid house fire. We got in the basement after they knocked it down and we hit a couple of hot spots. That was even more fun because we were there about a half hour and didn’t use any of our stuff!

I don’t think you could ask for a better last day! Good luck with the blue lights J!

Here are some shots from the fire after we got it knocked down and I secured a water supply.