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Firehouse Cooks Competition from $5k First Place Prize

Apparently this contest is not doing well so they contacted me. Little do they know that this rag only reaches 2 readers…ha.

Anyways, is having a contest hosted on They want to give away $15,000 for firefighters recording themselves cooking!

Have I mentioned that I am the firehouse cook at my house? I will be doing my part to send in a video!

All the information you need is here

Five-alarm excitement in the kitchen with the nation’s firefighters. Make a video showing America’s bravest in a whole different light, offering a behind-the-scenes look at how firefighters live, cook, and eat when they’re not fighting fires or saving lives.

Read the full brief.

Here are some of the rules:


  • Firehouse Cooks logo bumper at beginning for 3 seconds.
  • An Allrecipes Production end bumper for 5 seconds.
  • Stick closely to the format and content in the provided video. Where possible, show the camaraderie and fun at the dinner table once food is made.
  • 2-6 minutes in length.
  • Submissions must be in English, no subtitles.
  • Don’t show any third party logos
  • Upload an under 100mb submission to Zooppa, and at time of upload, also send a high-res version of the file (up to 300mb, 1920×1080, .mov or m4v.) to via

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