Brotherhood Chips For Any Occasion!

Almost a year ago, Willie and I were introduced to “Brotherhood Chips”. Ok, that is what we dubbed them, they are actually ceramic poker chips made by and we held our first at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Greenbelt, Maryland last year. Read about that climb here.

Those chips would soon become the first of merchandise featuring both Willie’s and my

In Greenbelt, the event organizers had poker chips made for each climber. I thought the chips were awesome. When I realized the poker chips were a fraction of the price of metal challenge coins, I knew we had to have some made for us.

Fast forward a year later, we have handed out or sold 500 of our “Brotherhood Chips”. We are currently out of our chips and hoping to get more made soon.

The event organizers thought it was a great token for the participants at the Greenbelt climb. I think every climb should have them made. These things are collectors items. If you would like to get some chips made for your event, any event, or your department…contact them today. They are easy to work with!

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You can read my review of the chips from on here. has just recently unveiled its very own St. Florian Chip that compliments their Fire Service Chip very well. You can purchase one here.

Get your chips made today!

Here are <one side> of the poker chips I have been sent or received so far. The collection of these and challenge coins is growing!

The first one is the chip from Greenbelt, MD. The second is Willie and my chip. The third is the one from the South Dakota FF Benefit this Sept. The fourth is’s Fire service chip. The first on the bottom is the St. Florian chip.