We Found Boobie….But where is the Fire Critic?

This post is going to be all over the place. I have a lot going on, but not as much as usual. I have been enjoying the summer, spending time with the kids, and working out with my wife. She is gearing up for her competition in around 3 weeks. I am so proud of her. The kids and I have been enjoying the pool when we can and just catching up on stuff around the house.

I am almost complete with a project I have wanted to do for a long time…the shed under our deck. All I have left to do is put a door on it. There are some other projects I am trying to get to as well.

Rest assured, I am in good health, in great spirits, and enjoying life more than ever.

We found Boobie, he is in Roanoke. I want to stay ahead of the news and get in front of the bad news like Dave Statter always preaches…Our proof of Boobie being in Roanoke is below.

What isn’t in Roanoke anymore is this truck…I am sure someone like Taylor Goodman or Mike Sanders can help us with this units history…last seen on 460 east probably headed for the scrap yard. Yeah, I took the photo while driving…I apologize in advance for all the safety gurus. I was off-duty. The truck most recently belonged to the Kazim Shriners and was a 1971 Oren. It was donated by the Clifton Forge FD.

Here are two more pieces I found while driving around. I am not sure the fate of these two, but they were sitting at the Weddle place on Granby. FYI, Weddle is a scrap yard not a garage. The first is from the Twin Community VFD. The second is Sugar Grove VFD (tanker). The yellow one has already been moved.

Who says Willie is full of shit? Not anymore. Captain Wines hooked me up with some great compost (civilized term for a marinating pile of cow shit). I brought it to the house and filled our raised garden bed with it. You can’t beat that Chevy!

Here is a shot of 2 and 3 taking up after a small commercial fire we had a couple of cycles ago. As I told you in the past, I will be introducing my crew to you guys. I just need to get off my ass and do it.

And one parting shot…We had a job the other day. Not a fire or anything remotely worth telling you guys about. Let’s just say that we didn’t get to where we were trying to get, but we did bend a halligan and break and axe handle along the way. The halligan has yet to be replaced, the axe handle is now fiberglass.