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Aggressive Interior Attack Helmet Cam Footage. Would You Have Gone in?

What do you think? Would you have gone interior? Would you have stayed in the yard?

Obviously we don’t have all the facts on this fire. We don’t know how long it was burning or if there were people inside.

These firefighters make the second floor with an 1 3/4″ line. There might have been a backup line towards the end of the video.

What would you have done?

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  • Fred Zimmerman

    I probably would have stayed in the foyer, unless there might have been people upstairs. The upstairs is already a total loss that will be covered by insurance.

  • Mike Healy

    Looks like they did a good job to me. Looked like it was pretty well off when they got there but interior conditions weren’t that bad. Go find the fire and put it out looks like the right decision to me. Beats standing outside and waiting for it to come to you.

  • Michael Murase

    Looks like a decent suppression effort. A second line – two different areas of fire to attack? Wondering about the condition of the ceiling and roof – can’t really tell – collapse issues? Curious to know where the seat of the fire was.

  • Buff N Stuff

    There was a water supply, and a charge line..there was hooks an tools..hose man did a great job controlling the fire..stood on the stairs and k/d the fire before advancing..once k/d truck co opened structural damage(stairs,ceiling)..great job..and yes my dept &i would of done the same..great job by all on scene

  • Robby O

    I got no problem with them going into that fire, I would have just brought a bigger gun.

    They had to work hard to put that fire out with an 1 3/4…a 2 1/2 would have gotten more bang for you buck, especially if like someone said earlier they were gonna stay on the foyer.

    Overall I think they did a good job.

  • Up there doin

    If you wouldnt go in that job, you should probably find another hobby cause being a “Fireman” isnt working for you.

    • mark

      LOL, most definitely.

      Curious about the foyer comment. You going to let the house burn down around you? Cuz that’s what’s going to happen if you stand there.

      A better question, why wouldn’t you go in?

  • Captain Peter Danzo

    That is our job!! The 1st floor was clear, they maintained the stairs, the fire was vented, they were wearing full PPE, they knocked down the heavy fire before advancing further and they stayed together!! They did a great job!! Text book operation, personally if you would have stayed outside or feel they were wrong then you do not belong in the fire service!

  • Ian Moses

    I think they did a great job, much better than if they had not gone in. lets face it, you dont know what you are up against till you go in. If its too bad, then get out, if not, fight the fire. Well done everyone.

  • Robert Davis

    Looks like they did a great job. That was a simple bread and butter fire. Firefighters need to be aggressive to get the job done. Fire was vented and they could see well. What more could you ask for.

  • Lou Angeli

    Bravo to the hose team. They never needed to enter any of the three fire rooms and worked safely from the landing at the top of the steps. The video shows favorable horizontal ventilation conditions and the team made a quick knock.

    Perhaps a 2 1/2 inch line would have given them more suppression power, but they chose to pull the line with which they’re most familiar. Point is they extinguished the blaze.

    Risk assessment: I’d say the hose team was at minimal risk. They remained a safe distance from the blaze while working from a well vented area which had a rapid means of egress. 2 minutes later and the fire may have made its way into the landing and an interior knockdown would have become questionable.

    Our job is to search for victims, extinguish the blaze and limit property damage. Sometimes that means meeting the fire on its own turf. This was one of the “sometimes” scenarios.

  • Steve

    Looks like a good job. He did his assessment as he walked up to the building, and didn’t look like there were many ff there at the beginning. The fire looked contained to the second floor. I would have chosen a 1 3/4″ as well, 2 1/2 would have been to difficult to manuver in the stairway.
    I am so getting a helmet cam!!

  • Rob

    They did what they signed on to do.
    They made a great attack, very calm cool and collected.
    It would have been silly to stand in the front yard and
    Watch it burn to the ground.
    A culture of over safety in the fire service is
    What the problem is.
    These guys saved a ton of the occupants stuff.
    Great job to the crew.

  • Joseph Schmoe

    There did not appear to be any reason for a well trained crew not to initiate a coordinated interior attack. Accountability, RIC and a second crew pulling ceilings are essential.

    It appears that ventilation mostly took care of itself, nice on the rare occasion that it occurs.

    That was the kind of fire that earns a lot of “high fives” after it is over.

  • Eli

    Lose the fog nozzle and he did a good job.

  • Gary

    Just about as close to a “routine” second-floor two-story-residence attack and suppression as you can get. As other posters have said – one crew on suppression, the other on the hook work, everyone pretty much stayed on uninvolved footing. Indeed a second line in use, you can see the different hose color and the different nozzle type on it.

  • Buck Waters

    From what I can see here is that this guy spent about a minute setting up his helmet cam before attacking this here fire.

    What I would have done differently is not **** around with a helmet cam.

  • Nigel

    hell yeah i would have gone in. i would have gone into the doorways of the two rooms and attacked and advanced at the same time. and not straight stream the fire from the stair way. i would have also taken a little out of the straight stream and put a little fog pattern into it.

  • andrew ballard

    absolutely would have went in…safe egress, stayed on secure footing, would like to see them get lower–good job overall.

  • Fred Sch

    Of course go in. The smoke condition wasn’t bad and the volume of fire did not warrant anything other than an interior attack. Should have had a second line in to at as a BU and provide simultanious suppression operation in the other rooms. The nozzle man had to keep switching room to room.

  • Fred Sch

    Nigel is right on the money here

  • Sam Abate

    1st floor interior conditions were good & the main stairs appeared intact. The crew took their initial stand in a defensive position on the stairs & not under an already compromised roof. The first application of water was even from the landing. This was good aggressive firefighting & I would have made the same decision.

  • Bob

    First time visitor to the site – NOT a firefighter or emergency person, so am not that familiar with your field.

    Questions for you commenters from the field – As firefighters, how is YOUR house configured for fire safety? I keep sizeable ABC extinguishers in kitchen and garage, with smaller ones in each vehicle. I’ve often wondered if it would be smart to have one in each/some other rooms? They’re so inexpensive these days.

    Any reading/reference/links you can advise?


  • Matthew Ritter

    The only way this fire could have gone any better is if they were chocking doors with an awesome redline wedge they got from A fantastic attack, organized, and controlled. Firefighters stayed in a position of easy egress if things went badly…. Awesome job Brothers!

  • Jamie Goodlet

    I can’t believe this question was even asked… Is your husband a fireman too? Come on. Leave your dress at home.

  • tmckenney

    They did a good job

    I would of not done anything differently.

    Zimmerman……If you stayed in the foyer how would the fire go out? How would you make conditions any better from the foyer?

    You need to enter the fire space to put the fire out. No matter if it’s a room or attic space. Lobbing water from a safe distance does not put fire out. It only adds more weight to the structure, and it allows the structural members to burn longer.

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  • Aldercrest

    Aggressive? I wouldn’t consider this aggressive, more like run of the mill.

    They advanced, put the fire out, good job. Visibility was ridiculously good, initial knockdown was successful. I find the comments about using too much fog interesting, as we were trained to use a 45 degree fog pattern, and IMO that would have snuffed the fire a lot faster than what was done.

    In any case, I’m with the majority on this one. If you question going on this, you really need to find a different line of work.

  • Jim Biggart, former Chief

    Capt Peter Danzo saidwas right on the money. The crew did a super job. Unless there was major roof envolvement, whitch did not appear to be the case, if you would not have made an interior attack you need to find a different line of work.

  • Capt Seth Allison

    nozzle work a lil sloppy.. Open that pattern up.. Go get it. Gotta learn to use that water….Otherwise great job brothers.

  • The52nd

    Nice work. I’d have pretty much done the same thing. I’m a straight streamer, so I wouldn’t have messed with the pattern, and once I open the tip I leave it open until the fire is out. None of this open, close, open, close business. But that’s it, and these guys did great.

  • Michael Paschal

    Absolutly I would have gone in. That one was easy.


    Well done, great stop.

    amazing what ya can do with an 1 3/4″ line and a combination nozzle.

    I’d have done exactly the same thing.

  • Karen Brown

    Great job with the 1 3/4" it was a lot of work with just that one line but you have to go into that if the stairs and floor are stable enough then they were in the perfect area for attacking both rooms. They probably saved quite a bit of property. Got it knocked down fast just like it should be. Nice attack.