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Chicago Fire Department – Everyone Goes Home – Watch and Share

This video is from the Chicago Fire Department and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. It provides insight to some of what Chicago’s firefighters have been through dealing with Line of Duty Deaths (LODD’s), close calls, continuing to learn, and adjusting to change.

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I challenge you to watch this entire video. Then share the video with your Brother and Sister Firefighters.

  • You have to train.
  • You have to be ready.
  • Wear your seatbelts.
  • Understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Some of the topics include seatbelt usage, situational awareness, health and wellness, calling a MAYDAY, PPE, and much more.

If you think you got some good reason for not wearing this or for not doing things the right way write it down. Because I need to read that to your widow. Cause I’m not going to know what to say. You say it for me. – Chicago Chief of Training Peter VanDorpe

If this video doesn’t make you sit and think about your job and how you do it, you just don’t get it.

Sincere thanks to CFD Commissioner Bob Hoff, the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago IAFF Local 2, and the entire crew at the NFFF especially Rob Maloney, director of this video, for a spectacular job.

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  • John King, Firefighter/Technical Rescue Team Leader Appalachia Fire Department

    If we dint do our jobs the right way we would get a good ol fashioned butt chewin from the Chief. Safety, wearing your gear (ALL OF IT), doing the job right, & watching out for your brother & sister working with you is something that is standard in our house.We are a small department covering 88 sq mi. & we have a little of everything in our district. Residential, commercial, gas well drilling/transfer stations, coal mining/processing operations, railroad transport, one major river with several smaller tributaries, steep mountain terrain, miles upon miles of ATV trails. I think I covered all of it. So we have to be multi discipline & be ready to use those skills any day at anytime, no matter what. Thanks for putting this out there for all of us.