Helmet Cam Video Captures Rescues in Contra Costa Fire

This occured on October 13th.

Two people were rescued from their Contra Costa home around 1:30am on Thursday. A woman and her caretaker were found inside the home and were rescued without life threatening injuries. The fire was in the attic.

The rescue was caught on video by a helmet camera of one of the firefighters involved in the rescue.

I still think that overall, helmet camera’s  have a positive use in the fire service. To ensure that they are used correctly, fire departments should mandate approval of using the videos online through an approval process. If there are victims involved, they should be given the courtesy of approval for use as well. I am not sure what Contra Costa FD’s policy is, but I see no harm in using this video. As a matter of fact, this video could be used in fire prevention applications in the future.

Here is some more on this incident from Backstep Firefighter

Great job guys!