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Powered by the First Arriving Network, Reaching 1M+ First Responders Worldwide’s Captain Willie Wines Jr. Makes it Big in Hollywood

I am not sure if you have seen it yet, but our very own beloved “Cowboy Captain”, Willie Wines Jr., has made it big in Hollywood! That’s right! Captain Wines was in the latest Dish Network commercial seen below. Ok, to be honest it is was filmed in Tijuana…but that doesn’t matter. The other thing is that even though they had makeup and costume crews on set, Captain Wines didn’t need it. He came to the set all ready to go! He even gets his own line in the commercial! Apparently the technology and web tutoring I have been giving him is paying off! They even used his own cowboy hat…apparently the one they got for him was only a 55 gallon hat, Willies clearly holds more than that!

Just one question…What in the hell does HOE DILLY mean?

See guys, you have to realize that the entertainment industry has not been all that forgiving to Captain Wines. He got beat out on a movie role and a huge venture with Warner Brothers. First, Willie was beat out by some cartoon for the role of Yosemite Sam, and then just when Willie thought things couldn’t get any worse he got beat out by a damn mouse in Fievel Goes West. The original role was that of a RAT, and Willie was told by the Steven Spielburg that he had a lock on the part. Unfortunately, they changed the role and some cartoon mouse got the part.


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  • Val-firefighter wife

    Oh, I’ve been privy. I laughed my a** off when I saw the commercial. Oh so many peeps to connect lol