Video: Billy Goldfeder and IAFC President Jack Parow on HLN with Honorary Fire Chief Robin Meade

Loveland-Symmes Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder, IAFC President Jack Parow, and Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Mark Light were on HLN with Robin Meade this morning. Willie and I were busy, so we had them stand in for us…ha.

What a great opportunity to educate the public about what we do, who we are, and what we are about.

Watch the video below

Kudos to Chief Goldfeder on bringing up the budget issues that nobody wants to talk about. Tactful he is…

Might I note that firefighters across America LOVE seeing Robin Meade on the news every morning.

IAFC President Jack Parow even honored Robin by making her an honorary Fire Chief for her truthfullness in reporting news on firefighters. She was humbled by the honor.

Great job gentlemen!