FEMS…It is that Damn Funny!

No disrespect to my DCFD brothers and sisters….but I had to…

What the hell is up with FEMS. Am I the only firefighter laughing my ASS off at that Chief up there. You know…the Chief of FEMS. WTF? Who the hell would name their department FEMS? Is this a sick joke? Maybe it was an early April Fools Joke?

FEMS must have plenty of money to just change everything to FEMS. The word FEMS almost sounds like a FEMSing cuss word.

FEMS…I am still FEMSing laughing. Seriously…I am chuckling right now. I am probably not the only one. FEMS.

It is that damn funny. FEMS

Is this a FEMSing case study on how to be hated by your whole FEMSing department in record FEMSing timing.

Does anyone love the new name FEMS? I would FEMSing love to hear from you! I am FEMSing serious!

Who has acronyms for this? I am sure there are some good ones out there!

Fire EMS…That is what it stands for right? Thats it? Just FEMS. We don’t need anything else? Wasn’t the name change to better describe WHO the DCFD is and what they do? Now it is just FEMS…We know it is Fire EMS, but we don’t know where.


Am I the only one who relates the term FEMS to Feminine and Femanist.

Is it an all female department? The FEMS? I am pretty sure there are plenty of great firemen up there. Maybe the men feel left out.

Maybe we are only days away from a lawsuit stating the men feel left out and feel as though the name should be MASFEMS or FEMSMAS (is that an all female holiday?)

Is the headquarters called FEMDOM? Isn’t that a porn reference? Google it if you don’t believe me.

I could go on all night long…

Seriously, DCFD just wasn’t cutting it anymore? DCFD…I am not laughing at you, I feel for you. I certainly hope that someone has some sense to stop the nonsense!