Raw Video: Motivational Speaker Narrates Large Apartment Fire

I am not sure where this fire was…I am sure someone can help me out. It apparently occurred on March 16, 2011.

That isn’t all that important though.

There are several things that caught my eye on this video. The main thing is the firefighters who I am guessing are attempting a trench cut on the roof of the apartment fire. I could be wrong. I also noticed at how these guys are operating without SCBA on.

My thought on this is that if I were to fall into this burning building I would want full SCBA on and breathing air. However, if I were on that roof I probably would not have my face piece on…so if I were to have fallen into the fire it might not matter if I had it on or not.

I have only been involved in a couple of trench cuts in my years…They are never easy. They may have only been doing vertical ventilation though.

Another thing I will note is how, under all the circumstances…the firefighters cutting on the roof also have to contend with the deck gun soaking them down. While the cool water might feel good because they are so close to the flames, I think those guys on that roof would much rather see the wet stuff go on the red stuff!

The neat, and kinda funny thing about this video is the narration. It is funny in its delivery, but it is neat because of the danger that the amateur videographer understands those firefighters are operating under.

Read more from the videographers view on his blog here

But hey…that is what we do…right!